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American Rock Band's Lead Singer, Steve Perry, Shares in a Different Type of Journey

Erin O'Malley and Steve Perry

*Photo Credit: Mix 104.1 Radio

In 2012, Steve Perry, former lead singer of the American rock band, Journey, lost his girlfriend, Kellie Nash, to breast cancer. According to an interview with Mix 104 radio personality, Erin O'Malley (whom you'll learn more about shortly) he had promised his late girlfriend he not go into isolation if something were to happen to her. Keeping his promise, Perry has gone above and beyond in keeping his promise. In response to this tragedy, he founded The Steve Perry Foundation and supports many charities. Amongst those fortunate to receive financial support is The Miss Pink Organization - a growing non profit that supports breast cancer survivors and their families during times of treatment by providing support to remove the financial and emotional burdens of day to day life.

How does someone so well known, living on the opposite side of the country, learn about Miss Pink? Erin O’Malley, Miss Pink 2019, met Perry at a charity event and spent an evening chatting and sharing about her mission.

O'Malley is not only a breast cancer survivor, but the ambassador and spokesperson for The Miss Pink Organization. She is a beacon of hope to many women fighting breast cancer and has chosen to be transparent about her personal journey with this disease, which is likely why Perry was so moved by her story and decided to support the work of Miss Pink.

It takes one small town girl, going anywhere and everywhere with her story, to make a difference in so many lives. The Miss Pink Organization is grateful for The Steve Perry Foundation's grant and looks forward to working together to support survivors and their families and put an end to breast cancer.

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