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About The Miss Pink Organization

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The Miss Pink Organization supports breast cancer survivors and their families who have been diagnosed with, and are undergoing treatment for breast cancer through programs that promote emotional, physical and financial assistance to allow patients time for healing and to be with their families. 


Miss Pink Programs Include: 


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE:  Our mission is to relieve stress of the financial burden that can occur during cancer treatment. This can be due to leave of absence from work, lost income or fixed income. We offer support through meals, childcare, cleaning services, gas and grocery cards, and other special circumstances that can interrupt the effectiveness of treatment on a case by case basis. 


HEALTH AND WELLNESS: We try to offer healthy meals provided to patients and their families during treatment. We also try to educate during lunch and learn sessions on health, wellness and nutrition and offer opportunities to get involved and active. 


EDUCATION, SUPPORT AND INFORMATION: Medical professional and education event support and access to support groups and mentorship programs, lectures and confidential check in calls. 

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