Meet The Team

Ashley started The Miss Pink Org in 2009 in honor of her Nana and since then, all the pink warriors  that have changed her life. 

Ashley herron
President+ Founder

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Kathleen is the Director of Volunteer Engagement. Her previous experience in sales and customer service, in addition to her degree in psychology is an amazing addition to our team.

Kathleen Curry.png
Kathleen Curry

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Tiff has an ability to engage the community like no other. She establishes relationships that allow us to have a farther reach our regions served. 

Tiffany STONE

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Danika is a long time volunteer who now focuses on community organized events. 


Danika Ripley

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Erin O'Malley

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Erin is your newly crowned Miss Pink 2019 and will be the Miss Pink Ambassador for this upcoming year. Interested in having her speak? Contact us

Dan handles financial guidance and bookkeeping to help us be wise with how our donors support our cause and missions. 

Dan tymann
board member

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Kate Arnold Headshot.jpg

Kate Arnold

Kate has been involved with Miss Pink since inception. Her prior role as a board member has helped give her a perspective on Miss Pink that we are so grateful for. 

Ally Marcello

Alexandra Marcello

We are excited to welcome to our team Alexandra Marcello. She is our new Social Media Manager for The Miss Pink Organization. 

Loren Raye

Loren Raye

Not only has Loren hosted The Miss Pink Pageant for over 5 years, she has also been named Miss Pink Volunteer of the Year in 2018. Loren helps produce the Miss Pink Pageant and promotes The Miss Pink Organization as a whole. 

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