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Miss Pink Volunteer of the Year Attends Boston Bombshell Event with Baby Bump

The Miss Pink Organization couldn’t quite figure out the best way to announce some exciting news. This organization is a close-knit family and those involved become invested in the wellbeing of one another. So when there is exciting news, we can’t wait to share it!

Miss Pink Org

On Wednesday, August 29th six women affiliated with The Miss Pink Organization attended The Boston Bombshells event, as honoree bombshells. The organization is grateful for this recognition of the influential women who celebrated the actions taken to support each other and fight alongside one another to fight breast cancer.

Individuals rallied together to raise awareness and funds to the future of breast cancer health within our communities. This event also sets a tone for the future generations to take special notice of the importance of charity. This year there were a few children at the event that got to watch as family members were honored as bombshells and money was being raised for The Ellie Fund. This is when we thought particularly about our Miss Pink Volunteer of the Year, Loren Raye of AMP Radio. She attended the event showcasing her adorable baby bombshell bump and smiled, spoke to everyone in attendance with genuine interest in their wellbeing and updates in life. Watching her made us truly recognize how lucky this little one is to have such philanthropic, kind-hearted parents (shout out to Matt!) who will instill the love for they have for others thru words and actions.

Loren is going to be the best mama and we want to wish her the utmost congratulations on the news of her pregnancy and for celebrating another year of being a #BostonBombshell!

Boston Bombshell Baby Bump

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