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Time Spent at Ground Zero on 9/11 and After Have at Least 15 Men Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

On this day of remembrance creates an opportunity for reflection. The Miss Pink Organization was recently doing research on men diagnosed with breast cancer and found an article that made us consider more about the repercussions of those who had been around ground zero on or after 9/11.

There is no way to fully quantify the impact of this terrorist attack on the American people. The women, children and men on American soil and those oversees, were all impacted by this day - emotionally, physically, financially - and the effects are still lasting on into present day.

According to Maura Hohman, a journalist for AJC, there are at least 15 men who spent time near ground zero on the tragic day and the months following, that have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The concern is now that men may not be aware that they are at risk since, in general, it is less than 1 percent of breast cancer patients whom are males. An article report posted by New York Post stated that there were men who strongly feel like their diagnosis were linked to 9/11. For example, Jeff Flynn, 65, did not even realize that it was possible for men to get breast cancer. He was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and is currently being treated. He stated, "I do feel like my breast cancer was related to exposure to 9/11 toxins. There is no history of breast cancer in my family...I spent months breathing that crap in. You can wind up with any cancer from being down there." According to the Post, Flynn worked for a data storage company and had been assigned to their client Goldman Sachs on Maiden Lane which was less than a half a mile away from ground zero.

As we take a moment to reflect and remember those we have lost to the attack on 9/11, we also reflect and remember those people who continue to be killed by cancers from the toxins from this attack. If you are someone who was around this area during or months following the attack, consider getting checked.

We are sending our thoughts and prayers to all impacted by the attack of 9/11.


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