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Introducing Miss Pink 2018


Helene Palmer 

Helene has been volunteering for the American Cancer Society for 23 years, in memory of her mum, whom she lost to breast cancer at age 55, when Helene was just 22. When her mother wasn’t happy with a situation, she changed it, and Helene has made it her mission to raise money for cancer research, education, patient support, and advocacy in her mum’s memory. When her mum was diagnosed as being terminally ill, it was not discussed with outsiders and there was hardly any discussion even within the family. When Helene was diagnosed with stage I invasive and non invasive DCIS breast cancer in June 2014, she made a conscious decision to share her journey through two lumpectomies, a double mastectomy, and the trials and tribulations of reconstructive procedures and surgeries to demystify the process for her friends and family, and to share her progress and struggles. 


Helene is so grateful for the love and support of her family and friends in this country, from doing her laundry, delivering food, and providing rides to and from surgeries (especially her friend Alee who brought her home after the double mastectomy with a brand new baby in the car!). Cancer showed up as a dark spot on her ultrasound, but with the light and strength of love and friendship surrounding her, Helene made it through her cancer journey and continues to actively volunteer for the American Cancer Society’s Bicycles Battling Cancer Ride and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Helene knows her mother would be proud.

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